PhenoVation is established in the year 2011 by Dr. Henk Jalink and Ing.
Rob van der Schoor. They both have been working and the Wageningen University for over 25 years and worked on seed technology and on plant technology. In 2004 they have developed a method to measure the photosynthesis of a plant with a camera system, the MIPS (Multiple Image Plant Stress). From 2004 up to 2011 they have developed this further to make it into an industrial system that can be used is commercial business. In 2011 they started PhenoVation B.V. and worked part
time at the university and part time for PhenoVation B.V.. In 2013 Vincent Jalink joined the company full time to be responsible for sales and production of the different camera systems. In 2014 Henk and Rob also joined PhenoVation B.V. full time.
In 2018 both Marcel Felten and Jorick de Wit joined PhenoVation as Software engineer and Hardware engineer.

Our team

Henk JalinkOwner
Rob van der SchoorOwner
Vincent JalinkSales manager
Marcel FeltenSoftware Engineer
Jorick de WitHardware Engineer