Monitoring large number of plants on 24/7 basis in greenhouse or open field

CropObserver Laatste versie

Multi sensing plants in real-time on maximum and effective efficiency of Photosystem II, light intensity, radiation, ETR , Height information and plant area

CropObserver is an autonomous multisensor that measures parameters that correlate with the maximum efficiency (Fv/Fm), effective efficiency (Fq /Fm) of Photosystem II.
A laser beam is pointed at the plants via a mirror system that is controlled by the built in computer. It continuously changes the position of the spot within the crop each 5 seconds yielding hundreds of spot measurements within one cycle. It is programmed to measure at each laser spot the efficiency of Photosystem II,light intensity, and radiation. From PAR light and Fq’/Fm’, the relative ETR (Electron Transport Rate) is calculated. ETR correlates with the uptake of CO2. From the number of measured positions containing chlorophyll the plant area is calculated. On top of the CropObserver are 2 Licor sensors built in, a PAR sensor and a radiation sensor. The CropObserver can be integrated in the well known system LetsGrow. Within this system all the data from the CropObserver can be monitored and compared with other climate data.

Measured parameters at each laser spot

  • Minimum (F0 or Fs) and maximum (Fm or Fm) chlorophyll fluorescence signal
  • Light intensity at the top of the CropObserver
  • Radiation at the top of the CropObserver
  • Height of the Crop





  • Optimizing growth condition on photosynthesis information
  • Optimizing light distribution
  • Optimizing LAI ( Leaf Area Index)

24/7 real-time information on a computer.

  • Real-time, average value and distribution of Fv/Fm and Fq/Fm
  • Real-time, average value of the PAR in µmol per second per m2
  • Real-time, average value of the radiation in wattage per second per m2
  • Real-time, average value and distribution of ETR
  • Plant area